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Whether you have a hard time painting stick people or you're the next Picasso, we trust you'll enjoy learning this new skill while making memores with the women you love. 

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March 19 

Discounted rates will end March 13, and we cannot guarantee all designs will be available beyond that date.
There is limited availability for the Growth Ruler.
Use promo code WESTWOOD (case sensitive) to receive 20% off a regular priced item in our shop*.

*This promo code is intended solely for the Westwood MOPS group. Valid through 3/12. All orders using this promo code will be brought to the paint party, rather than mailed. Items on this page are not included in the sale.

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Meet Kelly...

Kaitlyn's older ( and wiser? (hmm.)) sister

God has entrusted my husband and me to 5 amazing boys who call us Dad and Mom. The oldest two (13 & 11) arrived the "traditional" way. The third (also 11) involved a long-awaited trip to the Philippines, while the youngest two (6 & 4, not pictured for legal reasons) were hastily dropped off in a CPS van, scared and confused. We love them all deeply. Since we don't know how long we'll be "Mom and Dad" to our youngest two boys, we cherish each day we have with them. As King David said in Psalm 23, "my cup overflows".

Thankfully our neighbors are gracious, with a good sense of humor when they find my kids "fertilizing" their bushes or...

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