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This 18"x18" cream linen pillow turns your room into exactly what the pillow says. 

If you're Dutch, there's no need to explain. For the rest of you, this beloved Dutch word has no good English translation. Blend cozy, warm, and intimate with hospitality, inviting, and quaint, and you'll get the idea. 

For many Dutch Americans, hearing this word throws you back in your Oma's kitchen (or Beppe, if you're Friesian like me). I treasure this word. So when I decided to expand from solely wooden signs to adding fabrics, this was the first pillow I made. It had to be, because pillows help make a home gezellig. 

(Maybe next time I'll add a few doilies and use a Delft blue paint. Throwback edition, anyone?? 😉

Gezellig Pillow : Cozy & Warm

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