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Height: 25 Inches; Width: 25 Inches

Love Never Fails.
1 Corinthians 13:8

So true. So simple. Yet so difficult sometimes! I love the simplicity of the Apostle Paul's reminder to us about love. After telling us to "dos and don'ts" about love, he simply says "love never fails." And he's right.

Every design I make tells more than what's written. I have reason for choosing certain fonts, depending on the message I want to send. In this case, I chose the handwritten script for this piece, because I like to remember that before I ever read the neatly organized pages of my Bible, this short sentence from Paul was written in a letter. Hand-written. Personal. To them, as well as to me.

This sign has a white base with black font. I love it's simplicity.

Size: approx. 25" x 25"

Love Never Fails

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