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When I in righteousness at last
Thy glorious face shall see,
When all the weary night is past,
And I awake with Thee
To view the glories that abide,
Then, then I shall be satisfied.


With hopes of being handed down through generations, each sign is built with high quality, durable materials. We intentionally use paint that doesn't require a shellac sealer. This will prevent it from yellowing over time, but we suggest you refrain from scrubbing the sign. Use little water on a damp cloth for dusting.

Each sign is painted on 3/4" birch plywood. "Psalter 31" is painted in a metallic gold-silver paint that appears both subtle and bold, depending on the lighting and angle at which you're standing. The rest of the font is painted in black. The frame is stained in a medium-toned brown stain, and attached directly to the sign.

A metal wire is attached to the back for easy hanging.

Psalter 31:7 When I In Righteousness At Last

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