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What is your only comfort in life and in death?

There is no better answer to this question. These are more than just words that I love. It's what gives me hope.

This beautiful statement of the Christian faith has been carefully painted, distressed, and framed. Up close, you will see that the names of the Trinity are painted with a sparkle glitter in black, subtlety standing out against the rest of the font.

This beloved old question, painted on a distressed wooden board, is painted with a modern mix of fonts, tying together old and new.

This sign is sprayed with a protective coat of shellac to give it extra protection and long-term durability. This also makes it appear to have a slight glossy sheen.

As the English language has progressed, so has the wording of this beautiful question and answer. Understanding how we've each grown to love our own vocabulary for this statement, I would love to customize it how you prefer. 

I will paint the version these photos show (with Holy Spirit, not Holy Ghost) unless requested otherwise. If neither of these are the versions you prefer, please don't hesitate to request your wording. 

A metal wire is attached to the back for easy hanging.

Size: 25.5" x 25.5"

Q&A 1 - Lord's Day 1

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