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Floor-Plan Options : The Great Debate

I've heard people refer to kitchens as the heartbeat of the home. And I believe that's true. The mudroom and laundry area, on the other hand, are the guts. It's where my kids come in and dump. Everything. It's where the morning meltdowns happen when we can't find that other glove, lunch pail, or missing ___________ (fill in the blank). But it's also where my always-tidy Mom and sister are going to pass through to use the bathroom. Yikes!

So, as much time as I've spent designing my kitchen, I've probably doubled my time in thought over my mudroom and laundry area. And like most remodels, we have our limitations. Windows are set, not moving. And Josh tells me that moving the door from the garage is also off the table.

Here's where I'd like your help. I designed two floor-plans, but we feel like a fresh set of eyes may be helpful. Maybe you'll see something we've missed, or come up with an idea we haven't thought of.

The goal:

- optimal storage space for coats, snow pants, boots,...

- easy access to the bathroom

- large pantry (growing boys)

- space to hide my unfolded laundry (I know myself.)

Here's the original layout:

Bi-folds = pinched fingers

Hallways = wasted space (something my Dad always says, and I agree)

We'll get into the details of the master bathroom and closet area later, but for now I'd like to focus on the mudroom/laundry area. I designed two plans, which we're debating between.

The red lines on the floor plan are windows. Notice the one over my kitchen sink looking into the living room. I'm SO EXCITED about that one!





Both plans involve a lot of walls coming down. In fact, the boys are swinging away as I type. It's like 10 year old heaven over here.

And yes, we let our kids draw on the walls. I mean, when you're forced to home-school, and your kid has a "billboard" project due, why not, right?

Here's a list of pros and cons I made for each layout. I'd love your thoughts!



- Laundry baskets are tucked away

- Cleaning doesn't require stack-able washer/dryer to keep an area for cleaning supplies and laundry basket area

- Bathroom is easily accessible

- Large pantry

- Lots of locker area for coat storage

- Easy access to the pantry from the couch. (That was Josh's observation.)


- Narrow pantry entrance

- Any dreams about having a built in book shelf in the living room against the pantry wall would be crushed.

-That front window is in the pantry, eating up storage space

- I'd like my stove aligned with my island. It's not a must, but a preference of mine. This layout doesn't work super well for that. The space between the stove and fridge would be itty-bitty.

- Locker area is split. Josh and I would use the one against the laundry room. This could also be a pro. I have mixed thoughts on that over the microwave.



- Deeper mudroom

- Window in mudroom

- I'd love to store my coffee pot in my pantry and have a mini door on the side where I could pull it out. This plan would allow for that.

- I could have that book shelf I'm thinking about for my living room.


- Bathroom is not as easily accessible

- Smaller pantry

- You'd have to walk through the "working area" of the laundry room to get to the bathroom. (This is a big one for me.)

- The laundry room doesn't have as much space. It would require stacked washer/dryer.

Did I overlook anything? Let me know if you have another idea or think I missed something!

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Sally Handlogten
Apr 05, 2020

Hi Kelly :)

I like the hybrid option! We totally think your pantry will be big enough. And we like what you did with the laundry room, it looks good! The one thing Mike said was to have the bathroom door swing out into the laundry room instead of into the bathroom, or you won't have room to get around it ; or it would be a good spot for another pocket door there too. We are more than happy to help and humbled that you were able to use some of our/Michael's ideas!


Kelly Rozema
Apr 05, 2020

Hey Sally,

Thank you for putting some serious thought into this for us! The one thing everyone agrees on is that the mudroom can never be too big. I took the basic idea of the mudroom from Option 2 and mixed it with the laundry room from Option 1. That, combined with your thoughtful suggestions, I created a Hybrid Option (as suggested by my friend Rachelle).

I love your thoughts about not wanting to see the laundry room from the kitchen. Even with a pocket door, I shifted the laundry room design around to make it more appealing. The Hybrid Option keeps the bathroom accessible (like in Option 1), but also uses your idea for a counter top over the…


Sally Handlogten
Apr 02, 2020

Looked at your plans with Michael; we like option 2 better. Mike doesn't think option 1 pantry has limited usable space and not easy to use. In option 1 we don't like the fact that you could see your laundry room from the kitchen. Option 2 pantry is still a big pantry with lots of space. In regards to your laundry room stackable dislike, could you still put them side by side and make a countertop where you have cleaning supplies or shelves and you would have lots of room for cleaning stuff and your laundry baskets. Certainly just our opinion, but some things to think about. Glad you have this time for your family to do this together!

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