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Itching To Create

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

My "Pake" (Paa-ka), Fred Hekstra, is an extremely talented artist. From building, carving, and painting, he does it all. His wood shop is his playground, a place to turn an idea into reality and let his imagination run wild. He's like a kid in there, eager to try something new, and not too afraid to make mistakes. The Dutch man in him has never met a piece of wood that couldn't be transformed into a masterpiece.

Although I can't claim to have even half the talent that Pake has, I think it's fair to say I've inherited his passion to create, and eagerness to try something new. He loves to hear about my latest DIY projects and business ventures, thrilled that I've turned my passion into a career, while being able to stay home with my kids. As he ages, and health issues loom, I treasure every nugget of knowledge and encouragement he offers.

My husband Josh and I recently moved into a fixer upper with our 3 boys (ages 9, 9, and 11). Unlike our previous homes, which required a good face-lift, if you will, this one requires more than new trim, a paint job, and new flooring.

We plan to knock down walls and redesign the laundry/mudroom area while renovating the kitchen. Coming from families of builders, this is a dream come true for us! While Josh enjoys the heavy labor, and figuring out creative ways to incorporate our ideas, I thrive on designing our floorplan (which I'll be sharing with you soon, hoping for feedback). I paint anything that can be painted, and recently discovered the wonder of concrete to make our kitchen backsplash and accent brick wall. Yes, I'm making bricks!

(These photos are of "raw" concrete, not yet painted or dyed.)

Josh rolls his eyes and calls me Pharaoh, but he'll thank me one day. Ever since I discovered the possibilities that you can do with concrete, it's become my latest favorite thing - almost up there with my love for paint. From vases and lamps, to bricks, tile backsplash, and art projects with my boys, I've officially fallen in love with this amazing (and budget-friendly) product.

My conversations with Pake and love for all things artsy have inspired my desire to start this blog. He's taught me how much fun it is to celebrate a project well done, laugh at (and learn from) our mistakes, and share what we've learned along the way. So this is your invitation to join the fun I've been having with Pake since I was a girl, hoping it'll inspire you to try something new as well! I'll share what products work best, paint colors I've chosen, and explain the process of our projects. If you share my love for design, DIY projects, and paint - oh, how I love paint! - follow along and subscribe for updates, because you might be in for a treat. Besides, there will come a time when I'll need your help!

All that said, welcome to The Rozy Home!

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