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House Renovation: Function Before Details

Football. Oh, football...

I knew our progress would slow down when Josh's coaching season started, but I'm realizing just how spoiled I was when we had nothing on the calendar. We've come a long way since we moved here in March, but we still have a lot of work to finish.

Take the floor for example. Can you guess where we were when the season started?

Up close, you'll notice we have hooks for backpacks. Not seen in the picture, we still need hooks for coats and snow pants. (Ahh! Not yet!)

  • MUDROOM LOCKERS: Sherwin Williams Illusive Green (SW 9164)

  • MUDRROM WALLS: Sherwin Williams color match to Benjamin Moore's Oxford White

  • FLOORING: Homecrest Cascade, Color: Bostwick

Priorities change when you're living in the chaos. The finishing details in the mudroom can wait, if it means I'll get a running sink in my bathroom sooner. Function wins over beauty.

Most doors still need to be hung, with the exception of the half bath. Josh suggested putting a blindfold in the bathroom, rather than temporarily hanging the unpainted door, but I won. (Friends, you're welcome.)

Our foster care license requires us to lock up all cleaning supplies, alcohol, BB guns, and medication. Since I really didn't want to drill holes in my new kitchen cabinets, we designed a closet to fit everything that needs to be stored behind lock and key.

The kitchen functions, but still requires a lot of work.

Like finish painting the island.

And getting a real countertop around the sink.

Adding hardware.

  • KITCHEN ISLAND: Sherwin Williams Glamour (SW 6031)

and backsplash...

...and shelves, just to name a few.

One of these days, I'll tackle the fireplace.

I love the look of German smear (schmear??), also called "over-grout". That's where you add a heavy amount of mortar in the joints, and smear it over the stone, giving it an old-world look. I don't want to eliminate the color variations, but rather tone it down a little. More on that later.

And then we have the stairway, which is a "whole-nother" beast in itself.

I recently discovered lime wash paint, which I've become completely obsessed over. It's super popular in Europe, but is harder to find here in the states...especially in the mid-west, if you want something other than white.

I've been talking with our local Sherwin Williams store about carrying it, so I'll let you know if that develops into anything.

Check out these amazing photos from Bauwerk Colour, and you can join me in my obsession over limewash paint. There are a few different paint companies that carry limewash paint, but nothing beats Bauwerk's color selection.

Maybe if we all start hounding the paint stores, they'll hear our cry for limewash paint!

I could go on and on about what else needs to be done around here, but instead I should focus on what IS DONE. You guys, I've actually developed a correct natural instinct on which way to turn for the fridge! (Wait, that IS good, right??)

Meanwhile, in our master bath and laundry area, we're getting ready for the plumber to come hook up our sinks and toilet! He'll find me cheering when he pulls into our driveway.

Stay tuned for a tour through our master bathroom, which includes my hand-painted cement tiles.

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